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Harry Markopolos Contemplated Killing Bernie Madoff And Blaming It On The SEC

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Not so much because Bernie was a crook ruining the lives of thousands of people, Kevin Bacon included, but because Markopolos was just so damn fed up with the idiots running the Securities and Exchange Commission. So it was kind of perfect, see, because a) Berns really did need to go down for the dirt nap and b) should there be a trial, he had the perfect out. You can blame the SEC for practically anything, you know.

[In his new book] Markopolos wields a bludgeon when it comes to the Securities and Exchange Commission, which effectively ignored his several complaints about Madoff, even after he provided the agency with detailed files of his findings. He goes into detail to describe his frustrating encounters with SEC employees, who usually didn't understand what he was talking about. And he even places ultimate blame with the agency if anything dangerous happened to him or Madoff:
In one of the book's most startling passages, Markopolos reveals that if he felt threatened, he was prepared to kill Madoff himself:

If he contacted me and threatened me, I was going to drive down to New York and take him out. At that point it would have come down to him or me; it was as simple as that. The government would have forced me into it by failing to do its job, and failing to protect me. In that situation I felt I had no other options. I was going to kill him.

By what means? Nothing terribly imaginative, unfortunately. Just the Smith and Wesson he was packing.

For years, Marokopolos took extra precautions, out of concern for the safety of his family. He says he lived under a death sentence, terrified that his pursuit of Madoff was putting his family in jeopardy since billions of dollars were at stake, "and apparently some of that money belonged to the Russian mafia and the drug cartels - people who would kill to protect their investments... So I wouldn't start my car without first checking under the chassis and in the wheel wells. At night I walked away from shadows and I slept with a loaded gun nearby..."
He started carrying an lightweight Model 642 Smith and Wesson everywhere he went.

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