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Harry Markopolos Wishes He'd Looked Eliot Spitzer In The Eye

As we wrote yesterday, Harry Markopolos has a book hitting the shelves next week. But, as Marko is realizing, the price of fame is high and calling Madoff the "lowest form of scum" can be hazardous. He now has to wear more disguises (mostly wigs) and is afraid for his safety. But he is "crazy-brave" and lemons-lemonade, he's now being asked to look into the Kennedy assassination, so not all's bad. Harry has some regrets however, and wishes he'd handled things in a different way, especially when it comes to Spitzer.

I can think of two things that would've influenced the action and hopefully brought this to a successful resolution. One is approach Spitzer in the open. Take the risk. Shake his hand, look him in the eye, say, 'I'm Harry Markopolos, I'm president of the 4,000-member Boston Security Analysts Society. I'm a derivatives expert and this is what I know about Bernie Madoff. He's a fraud.'

Or maybe, Harry should've gone to Bill Galvin, who's a homie, just like him.

I wish I had confronted Mr. Spitzer to his face. Or I should have gone to (Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth) Bill Galvin. He'd taken on Wall Street titans like Spitzer had. He was a hometown boy like me.