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Jamie Dimon No Longer Wanted In Hotlanta

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As of Wednesday, Jamie Dimon couldn't fly through Atlanta, because he was at risk of being arrested, for illegally dumping used tires, according to CBS news. Apparently, though, ha ha, it was just a bit of a mix up.

Yes, there is a dump in Georgia, and yes there are tires there, where they shouldn't be, and yes, City Solicitor Raines Carter is holding JPMorgan responsible, but not JD, per se, entirely. The city tried to hold a hearing, but no one showed up and that's when Dimon had his name added to the most-wanted list. They were totally JK'ing about him being the actual person making bi-weekly runs to Atlanta to drop the tires. Nevertheless, the fact that that's what people were thinking was a little bit embarrassing for the bank/boy-toy CEO, who got their people on the horn to clear Jamie's name. The warrant for Big J's arrest has been dropped but if you thought JPM was off the hook, think again. Despite JPMorgan spokesman Joseph Evangelisti noting that the property's title shows the bank is not the owner, Carter still wants someone to clean up this mess ASAP. If it has to be a busload of first years, so be it.

An official with the department agreed that the warrant had been dropped, but denied the bank is off the hook with respect to owning the property.

The official added the city is still investigating who owns the dumping ground because they are hell-bent on getting someone to clean up the mess.

"We have a very serious code violation down here," said Carter, who described the site as "an illegal dump site with thousands of old tires and other debris.

Atlanta targets JPMorgan Chase over dump site
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