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Jamie D's Dinner Date

Jamie Dimon is in DC today for a meeting of the Business Roundtable, but most importantly, Golden Boy will have yet another dinner tonight with Obama. He won't be the only CEO at the table, but obviously he will be the only that really matters and the only one BHO will have eyes for.

The President's fave banker will probably be seated just next to him and while the talks might be strained at first (C'mon, you know I was joking about those "undeserved bonuses," Jamie, you know I think you are so savvy.) no doubt the ice will quickly break. Give it a few eyelash battings, maybe a longer-than-necessary stare, some nervous giggling and hair twirling and everyone'll be good again. By the time desert arrives, they'll be spoon-feeding each other chocolate soufflé.
No word if LB (and his nuclear balls) will attend, but a source tells us that the dinner will only be featuring BRT's executive committee members-and nuclear-Lloyd's not on it.


Bitcoin Advocates: Jamie Dimon Is The Face Of Our Oppression

This is not how Jamie usually likes to hang in Miami.