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Jamie's Number Is In, What's Lloyd's Next Move?

After much wait and speculation, Jamie Dimon's bonus number is in: golden boy took $16 million in bonus- half in restricted shares and half in options. We're told that Goldman was going to wait for the three-day weekend next Friday to make the big announcement and try to bury the news, but that may be no longer the case, given the pressure.
So what's Blankfein gotta do? Options are not aplenty and basically boil down to:
* He takes something slightly lower. ("I'm a bigger man.")
* He takes something slightly bigger. ("I'm a bigger man, and this is way less than the rumored $100 mil")

* He takes the same amount as Jamie. ("Twins!")
* He takes nothing. ("I'm a bigger man, fuck you JD.")
* He gives everything to charity. ("I'm a bigger man and I'm doing God's work.")