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Kenneth Feinberg Not Happy With Certain Wall Street CEO Who Was Paid A $9 Million, All Stock Bonus

In a recent interview, Pay Czar Kenneth Feinberg finally strayed from his usually scripted remarks, getting really worked up about a certain person, who he won't name, but is among those who "really do believe they are entitled to $9 million, [which] is a problem." But what really got to Kenny, is that this $9 million -unnamed- person had the (nuclear) balls to ask him what was up with all the bonus backlash and why people were so mad at him. "Why don't you like me?" that anonymous "bigwig" asked him.
Feinberg also opened up about his relationship with Timmy G., to whom apparently one can't say "no"("You try"). Also, he's not a fan of AIG people who are just greedy b&*@#$.