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Lloyd Blankfein Asked Ken Feinberg What He Thought About His Bonus

As you're aware, Lloyd Blankfein took a $9 million bonus on Friday in an attempt to show the world he "gets" it. So much does Lloyd get it that prior to accepting an obscenely low package for a man of his stature, he actually consulted Kenneth Feinberg "numerous" times on the matter, even though he didn't have to. According to Feinberg, the conversations were "not only about the size of [Blankfein's] package" but also about how, Goldman, as an institution should behave and lead by example. "He was concerned and wanted to abide by what Treasury was doing and he has succeeded." For his part, Feinberg still seems a bit skeptical of LB. "Whether or not those prescriptions will remain in place remains to be seen."