Macquarie Bank Miranda Kerr Enthusiast May Have Been "Set Up"


As previously mentioned, David Kiely, the Macquarie employee who took a few peeks at a topless Miranda Kerr while he floor was being filmed the other day, has been home since the "incident," while his superiors deal with the matter internally. We've suggested this isn't grounds for termination, and so far there's at least one campaign to Save Dave. Additionally, the bank is apparently investigating whether or not this was "a practical joke gone wrong." 1) Obviously no, it probably was not, and David needs to just own this. 2) If it was a "joke" you Aussies need to examine your lives because you sicken me. Yes, there's clearly some grounds for hilarity vis-a-vis sending your co-worker something to look at on his work computer when you know he's going to be in the background of a live, nationally broadcast show. Given. But this is what you're going with? Shots of a model from GQ? Not something that might actually be slightly embarrassing/darker, like bestiality (for instance: two hawks DP'ing a Goldman candidate)? Or Justin Timberlake pantomiming a hand job?

Save Dave Campaign [HereIsTheCity via BI]


Authorities Would Like To Add That Deutsche Bank Executive "Ruthlessly Beaten" By LAPD May Or May Not Have Been On "White Lightning" At The Time

A couple weeks back, Deutsche Bank vice chairman and managing director Brian Mulligan filed a claim with the city of Los Angeles, letting people know he intended to sue for $50 million over an incident that took place involving the LAPD, which left the media banker with “a broken shoulder blade and 15 nasal fractures.” According to Mulligan, police officers abducted him from a street corner, drove him to a motel, told him to wait there for a few hours, and then beat him so "ruthlessly" he "barely looked human" when they were done. According the LAPD, several calls had been placed about a man in the area "trying to break into cars" that fit Mulligan's description. They confronted the guy, who told them he was tired, which was why they drove him to the motel. He emerged hours later, started running through traffic, failed to heed their orders to get out of the street and assumed a "fighting stance," hence the need to deal with him in an aggressive fashion. At the time, a spokesman for the LA County DA’s office said that there are no plans to file criminal charges and that the office would simply like to “have a discussion" with Mulligan to advise him on "how best to follow the law so that incidents like this don’t occur again.” Also, it's possible he was experimenting with bath salts. The police report states that Mulligan was sweating profusely and walking with an unsteady gait when officers responded to reports that he was trying to break into cars in a Jack-in-the-Box parking lot. Mulligan told officers he was being chased and didn't know why. He also stated that he had ingested "white lightning" and marijuana and that he had not slept for four days. Brian Mulligan On Bath Salts: Deutsche Bank Executive Said He Was On 'White Lightning,' Police Say [HP] Earlier: Deutsche Bank Managing Director, LAPD Not Yet Seeing Eye To Eye On Savage Beating “Incident”

Seamless Watch '13: Macquarie

On the heels of this, the Aussies have taken an ax to (weekend) food allowances and its (junior) mistmakers, for one, are having none of it!