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Macquarie Bank Miranda Kerr Enthusiast May Have Been "Set Up"

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As previously mentioned, David Kiely, the Macquarie employee who took a few peeks at a topless Miranda Kerr while he floor was being filmed the other day, has been home since the "incident," while his superiors deal with the matter internally. We've suggested this isn't grounds for termination, and so far there's at least one campaign to Save Dave. Additionally, the bank is apparently investigating whether or not this was "a practical joke gone wrong." 1) Obviously no, it probably was not, and David needs to just own this. 2) If it was a "joke" you Aussies need to examine your lives because you sicken me. Yes, there's clearly some grounds for hilarity vis-a-vis sending your co-worker something to look at on his work computer when you know he's going to be in the background of a live, nationally broadcast show. Given. But this is what you're going with? Shots of a model from GQ? Not something that might actually be slightly embarrassing/darker, like bestiality (for instance: two hawks DP'ing a Goldman candidate)? Or Justin Timberlake pantomiming a hand job?

Save Dave Campaign [HereIsTheCity via BI]


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