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Macquarie Bank Miranda Kerr Enthusiast On A Time Out 'Til Superiors Decide What To Do With Him

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So! It seems that the Aussies at Macquarie were not as opened-minded as one would've hoped. David Kiely, the client investment manager who took a few ganders at Miranda Kerr yesterday while his floor was being filmed, has been "waiting at home" since the "incident" while his bosses, who "take matters such as the unacceptable use of technology extremely seriously," deal with the matter internally.

But here's rub: they're obviously struggling with what to do with the guy because really, was this so bad? The images were not "porn," as was originally assumed, but rather some tasteful shots of Ms. Kerr from her most recent GQ photoshoot. She's topless, yeah but you can't even see anything. No nips! Just a little underboob. And even if it was "porn," would that be so bad? Bad enough that he should be fired? Macquarie could could flip out and make an example of Kiely or they could relax and think about this rationally. Because the whole thing was captured on film, they obviously have to make some sort of example of him But I don't think termination is the answer.
How about he creates a presentation? Maybe Miranda is an outlet for him and taking breaks every so often to stare of topless shots of her is necessary for him to perform at the high level he does, amiright? Clearly this is DK's job to figure out but he's probably not in a very good place right now, and while it might seem like we're working our asses off for a guy we don't even know, look at it this way: if Macquarie buys this, it could be a precedent setting moment-- semi-nudes, full-on nudes, closely shorn sheep at work are a-okay, so long they're not affecting your productivity. So it'd be in your best interest to help the guy come up with something, and then down the road you can use it to explain why you're on a website called Or something.


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