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Opening Bell: 02.23.10

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Wall Street Bonuses Rise 17% (WSJ)
Total compensation at the largest securities firms grew beyond that figure while profits could surpass what he calls an unprecedented $55 billion for 2009, Thomas DiNapoli said. That's nearly three times Wall Street's record increase, a rate of growth that is boosted in part by the record losses in 2008 of nearly $43 billion, DiNapoli said.
AIG Document New York Fed Kept Secret Shows Goldman Minted Most Toxic CDOs (Bloomberg)
"This secrecy is one more example of how the whole bailout has been done in such a slithering manner," says William Cohan. Slithering now.
Cantor to Launch Futures Exchange For Film Buffs (Reuters)
"People love movies, and this is a way for them to profit from what they know," said Melanie Gordon-Felsman, a Cantor spokeswoman. "Let's say you love 'Avatar,' and you loved 'Titanic,' and (director) James Cameron's coming out with his next movie -- so you want to get in the game." Know who won't be putting his money on 'Avatar'?
The Chimera at the gates of Goldman Sachs (MarketWatch)
"This is classic van Praag: the $20 words, the haughty condescension, the arrogant dismissals. The message is you're emotional and don't have your facts straight. We're reasoned and objective about our own matters. You, dear media critics, don't know what you're talking about." Pinky rings, unite.
In the Dogg House: Snoop Seeks to End His Ban in U.K. (WSJ)
The situation has exasperated the Snoop camp. There is "disbelief and frustration" at the time it is taking and the energy the government has put into the effort, said Philip Trott, Mr. Broadus's lawyer at the U.K.'s Bates Wells & Braithwaite LLP. Agent Brent Smith at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment LLC added: "Snoop has missed out on several arena tour opportunities, many TV and festival opportunities, as well as a few proposed charity events...And now the U.K. taxpayer is financing the court appeals." Just like they are the RBS building.

Lloyds CEO Waives Bonus (Reuters)
Anyone care?
City to street vendors: Urine big trouble (NYP)
Let this be a warning to you all: "Take a bathroom break, and it may be your business that gets flushed down the toilet. That's what happened to Shiraj Islam, a nut vendor for 12 years, who suddenly found himself without a livelihood.