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Paul Krugman Goes To St. Croix To Think

You probably think you know Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize winner and NYT columnist extraordinaire. But after reading the New Yorker's profile on the bearded columnist, you'll realize you had no idea. He's so much more than that. He's just a simple guy, who relaxes by getting costumed, throwing voodoo parties and relaxing in St. Croix with his wife, mostly on the west end, "where the whites who've gone native live." There, Paul can wear the same shirt for days, (a short-sleeved plaid cotton shirt) and bathing trunks. In the late afternoon he sips piña coladas on the beach and bitches about Jamie and LB, wondering how they can be "so comprehensively boneheaded."

"Dimon was really stupid this morning," Krugman said. He was thinking about writing his column the next day about the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission. He had read an account of the congressional hearings in the newspaper which quoted Jamie Dimon, the C.E.O. of JPMorgan Chase, and Lloyd Blankfein, the C.E.O. of Goldman Sachs, saying things so clueless, so insensitive, and so comprehensively boneheaded that even he, not inclined to think well of them, could hardly believe it, and so he had spent that morning vainly hunting for the transcript to see if there was something mitigating about the context that the article had missed.

Paul is also a science fiction aficionado and loves to attend conventions, where there are a lot of extremely long hair, a lot of blue hair and a lot of capes.

There was a woman dressed as a cat, there was a woman with a green brain attached to her head with wire, there was a person in a green face mask, there was a young woman spinning wool. There was a Jedi and a Storm Trooper.

When he's not on the beach or surrounded by green brain caped-people, Paul likes to play dress-up, we learn, as he really likes costumes. Once, he gave a Halloween party where the theme -crazy guy that he is- was economics topics! So guests came as Asian tigers, several came as hedge funds, (how does that work?) one woman even came as capital, dressed as a column.
He also had a voodoo-themed election party at his place. "We had two or three TVs set up and we had a little portable outside fire pit and we let people throw in an effigy or whatever they wanted to get rid of for the past eight years." But, although this tidbit titillates our imagination, Paul doesn't mention what he threw in.


Paul Krugman Forces Obama Back To The Drawing Board

Sayeth Kruggles: "Yes, I’ve heard about the notion that I should be nominated as Treasury Secretary. I’m flattered, but it really is a bad idea. Part of the reason is that I am indeed the World’s Worst Administrator — and that does matter. Someone else can do the paperwork — but an administrative job requires making hiring and firing decisions, it means keeping track of many things, and that, to say the least, is not my forte...officials inside the administration can of course have even more influence — but only if they’re good at a very different kind of game, that of persuading the president and his inner circle in behind-closed-doors discussion. And everything I know about myself says that I’m not very good at that game. By my reckoning, then, an administration job, no matter how senior, would actually reduce my influence, leaving me unable to say publicly what I really think and all too probably finding myself unable to make headway in internal debates." [NYT]