Philadelphia SEC Chief Wants To Know Where You Went To Business School, And Who You Might've Slept With There


Among other things. Because it's very likely that whoever you were sharing tips with back then, you're still giving tips to today, in the form of material non-public information, according to Daniel Hawke, who is heading up a new team out of Philly "charged with cracking down on a variety of market abuses." Team Hawke will be conducting "trader-based investigations rather than going security by security," and if your boy from Wharton or the Jack Welch MBA institute gave you a hot tip he wasn't supposed to, Hawke's gonna find out, just like he'll know about the profit you made from the info Bambi from Beamers stuck in your ear last night.

Much of the initial detective work that Hawke's group is doing relies heavily on computers. The team cross-checks trading data on dozens of stocks with personal information about individual traders, such as where they went to business school or where they used to work.

Hawke said his investigators are looking for patterns of "behavior by traders across multiple securities" and seeing if there are any common relationships or associations between those traders.
His stock sleuths then try to determine whether those traders who are wheeling-and-dealing in the same group of securities are doing so because they are simply smarter and luckier than other investors, or have benefited from improper access to confidential information.

Philadelphia, where rogue traders dare not tread [Reuters]