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Ping (Jiang) Capital Down 4.96 Percent For January, Ping Jiang Interested In Meeting With *You* Today

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Ping Jiang, maestro of the whiteboard marker, was fired from SAC Capital in March 2008, (not because of the push-up bras but due to poor performance). He branched out on his own soon thereafter but we'd heard nary a peep since then re: returns or whether or not he was making employees sew their own dresses. No word on the latter yet (speak up, young seamstresses!) but-- and I bite my tongue saying this-- I'm slightly worried about how the team will be able to cover the costs associated with new "office supplies," after ending January down nearly 5 percent. Granted, this may have been a blip, following a stellar 2009, when the fund was up 192.81%, presumably thanks to the official implementation of PJ's trading philosophy (no more hiding it behind closed doors). And while we're on the subject-- it seems as though Jiang is keeping it in the family, having hired brother (?) Justin as a manager, which as an interesting twist to the BJ for trade approval model. Finally, the most important news! The team is looking for investors for a new fund, Ping Emerging Markets Macro, and would love to get your ass in to meet Mr. J today-- get a piece of this while it's still hot.

From: [redacted]
To: [redacted]
Subject: Ping Emerging Markets Macro Fund
Dear [redacted],
Ping Capital Management Ltd was founded by Ping Jiang and partners in March 2008. Ping Jiang splits his time between a research office based in Shanghai and a trading and operations office in New York. Ping Jiang is currently in New York and would like to meet with interested investors to discuss their current fund, Ping Exceptional Value Fund, and a new fund, Ping Emerging Markets Macro Fund, that is expected to launch H1 2010. Short biographies for Ping and the partners are attached.
The Ping Exceptional Value Fund is a Latin American- and Asian-focused macro strategy that combines quantitative micro analysis with discretionary macro analysis and trading. The Fund trades across two different time frames; long-term concentrated value investments in themes that are determined to be extremely undervalued and short-term
active trading around the core themes.
The Ping Emerging Markets Macro Fund will use the same research process as the flagship fund but will have a more significant focus on the short term trading element.
Please let us know if you would like to arrange a meeting, schedule a call or would like to receive any additional information from the manager.