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Raj Rajaratnam Needs A Place To Crash In The City

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Raj Rajaratnam (and lady friend Danielle Chiesi) know that there is "not even a chance" they will do one day in jail, because they're innocent, and didn't do anything wrong. Given. Still, Raj-Raj has to pay some lawyers to prove it, and representation does not come cheap. That presumably has nothing to do with the Galleon founder recently selling his 60 Sutton Place South apartment, for $1.575 million. He could've needed to free up the cash for a lot of things, like the money to pay a few more analysts to be tased, but this time with an even more powerful gun, and to hire actors for his annual April Fool's Day joke (last year it was it was a dwarf pretending to be the Galleon's latest "small-cap" stocks analyst; this year is anyone's guess!). In any event, while the big man will probably be spending most of his time up at the house in Greenwich, he will need a place to stay when he's too drunk to make the trip home. Someone should help a brother out.