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RBS Bonuses Maybe Not So Bad This Year?

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The other day we mentioned that RBS had been granted permission to give out bonuses, though casually suggested the sums wouldn't be anything to write home about, unless you're into subordinated debt, in which case, buckle up. There've been a few stories out about how the numbers were actually pretty okay, and while Bambi at Beamers is yet to mention anything about her favorite Stamfordians making it rain, at least for the chippies across the pond it seems like the Queen's bitches might not have fared to badly.

On the day when Royal Bank Of Scotland announced it was handing out £1.6 billion in bonuses, a mystery banker ran up a bar bill of almost £44,000 at Mayfair club Aura. He was with five friends as they splashed thousands on Cristal champagne in just two and a half hours.

The bill included 40 regular bottles of Cristal, at £330 each, and when the bar ran out, they simply moved on to bigger sizes, eventually ordering nine £1,100 magnums and a £4,000 jeroboam. The man also ordered two bottles of vintage Pommery champagne at £5,000 each, although the price was slightly more justified as they included free flights to France. Two magnums of Grey Goose vodka at £360 each and £70 of Red Bull topped off their order.
A source said: "They were a smartly-dressed group led by an American banker in his thirties. They took a table in the VIP area and seemed determined to celebrate.