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Sam Zell Pisses Off Denim-Haters

Sam Zell got himself in a bit of a pickle the other day, for the grave offense of wearing jeans (Jeans! They're for peasants!) to the Union League Club. Because of his choice of pants, Zell, who was coming to give a lecture on the outlook of real estate, was barred from entering. Organizers thankfully came to the rescue, wrapping a "borrowed camel-hair dress coat" around his shoulders (how did that help the jean situation?), a trick that somehow worked wonders. Zell was able to give his lecture, said everything sucks and everyone went home happy, especially those in the audience who got a look at Zell's chest hair.

"The funny part was he had only the second button done on his shirt and the last button before it gets to the belt line," said the attendee. "The middle three buttons were not buttoned." Which meant the questioner had an unsolicited and unparalleled view of Mr. Zell's chest hair and the "nice gold chain" entangled in it.



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