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Some Barclays Employees Will Have Their Bonuses Cut This Year And Some Won't


In the former category: almost everyone. No specific numbers yet, but Barclays is expected to announce next week that only about 38% of revenue generated will go towards payouts (one of the lowest levels in the firm's history). In the latter category: Bob Diamond. The Barclays Capital chief's take home will be clocking in at about £20m, though it's going to be deferred for three years so, you know, it's not that great. Certainly nothing to be envious about, unless you're this li'l fella, who's making less than everyonethis year. But lest any of the Barclettes think Bobby's not worth every penny, let us remind you, he works hard for the money.

[Bob] has a habit of taking off his suit jacket and slinging it over his shoulder before sitting on the edge of one of the trading desks -- a habit that his traders describe as his move, as in, "he has this thing he does with his jacket, when he wants to talk to us, it's his move..."


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In an effort to strike a balance between being competitive and responsible, Bob Diamond will only receive 6.3 million pounds ($10 million) for his work in 2011, down from $9 million in 2010. Technically, his total package amounts to 17 million pounds ($26.9 million), but that includes stuff from previous years. [Reuters]