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Tim Geithner's New Image: Just One Of The Girls

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As you've probably noticed, Tim Geithner's had a pretty tough go of it lately. People are pissed at him about the bailouts, no one will get off him about AIG, many feel he "coddles" Wall Street and rarely a day goes by that the Treasury Secretary's ousting is not called for, and not just by pissants on the internet. His job doesn't actually seem to be in any actual danger at the moment-- according to Rahm Emanuel, "The president's view is that Tim is one of the stars," but clearly something needs to be done about how the public sees TG. To show them he cares. That he "gets" it. That he's just one of them. But how? An article this morning concerning T. Geith's "charm offensive" included the following photo of Mr. Geithner, touring a supermarket in Philadelphia with Michelle Obama:

Our initial thought: what the hell? How is Tim Geithner mixing it up at the grocery store and smiling maniacally at a bunch of produce going to endear him to the public? Then, a few lines later, this:

Mr. Geithner says even his wife has urged him to show more emotion in confronting the banks.

So, okay. Grocery stores...not being afraid to show his feelings....he's not working the...vagina angle is he? No, come on. You're making huge leaps in logic here, we said to ourselves. We actually almost started to feel guilty for coming to such gender stereo-typing conclusions, and would've continued to do so, if the next thing we saw hadn't been this:

Tim Geithner's VOGUE Interview

That's right ladies. Tim Geithner is in the latest issue of Vogue. Talkin' bailouts, talkin' fashion, talkin' Obama but mostly just being one of the girls. Are you around that age where the fine lines are mounting and Botox seems more and more like a viable option? You've seen his forehead-- TG can relate! Do your breasts hurt the week before you get your period? His too! No more fireside chats with CNBC (unless its to discuss how to display just enough cleave to show one means business), no more Congressional hearings, no more trying to please men. Unless we're talking about 1001 ways to please a man in the bedroom (or backseat- dirty!), which will be the focus of TG's upcoming spread in Cosmo. Tip number 391: those balls aren't going to suck themselves. And for novelty, pop rocks (35). And don't neglect the taint (275). Are you loving him now?
PS: Lest you think we're been unnecessarily harsh, or misogynistic or whatever (like I care, but go with me on this one)-- this was the Times' comment on the matter: "And Sarah Palin thinks she's photogenic. The race is on." Andrew Ross Sorkin is calling you a 'mo.* Take two to let that sink in.
*Not that there's anything wrong with that.