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What Is Andrew Cuomo Going To Do Some Bank?

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CNBC reports that Andrew Cuomo is set it announce "significant action" against a "major bank." While we wait for the Attorney General to get his best suit on, let's determine a) which bank and b) what he's going to do to them. Some opening ideas:
1) Smash their faces with an iron
2) Shove a nail through their foot
3) Slap them in the face with a paint can
4) Bite off their fingers one by one
6) Snap off their necks with a crackle and pop (because they crossed Andy and messed with his shit, openin' their trap and flappin' their lip)
7) Nut in their eye
8) Stomp on their world
9) Piss and moan like an impotent jerk
10) You tell us
Update: Apparently its Bank of America, Ken Lewis, ex-CFO Joe Price, who Cuomo is bringing Martin Act charges against for "misleading investors about the Merrill purchase." The above still not ruled out.