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Bill Gates To "Top" Warren Buffett Tomorrow?

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Tomorrow, Forbes will release its annual list of the richest billionaires in the world. Who will take the number one and two spots? The CNBC brain trust has crunched some numbers and is guessing it'll be Gates, followed by Buffett. This is all pretty upsetting to everyone in the Oracle's camp, as it would mark the second year in a row WB came in second place.
Buffs is a pretty good-natured guy, though, and rather than gorging himself on Oreo Blizzards at the thought of being "topped" by Bill Gates, he's probably preparing a light-hearted concession speech, that starts off like this: "While I must admit it hurts to finish second to Bill, it's like I always say to the Russ Meyer extras hanging around the Berkshire Hathaway headquarters-- you may be bent over a desk and getting screwed from behind, but you're still getting fucked by a billionaire. And that gotta feel pretty good. Unless it's nipple clamp Tuesday, in which case, apologies. I've got some bag balm in the back that should take care of that." Or something! No more questions.

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