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Bonus Watch '10: Deutsche Bank

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Most Deutsche Bank employees are still feeling pretty unappreciated for their suffering. Luckily, today, a hint from the inside has been communicated vis-a-vis how one might create a better situation for him or herself as it relates to pay next year. Take note:

Deutsche Bank AG, Germany’s biggest bank, paid 2.2 billion euros ($3 billion) in bonuses last year to employees who can conduct “high-risk” business.

The lender’s “risk-taker population,” or “employees who can create high-risk positions,” received 921 million euros in cash bonuses, 961 million euros in deferred equity awards and 317 million euros in restricted incentive awards, according to the company’s compensation report published today. The bank, which declined to identify how many employees are defined as risk takers, gave the group 367 million euros in fixed pay.


Bonus Watch '13: Deutsche Bank

The good news: there will still be bonuses this year, which is something! The even better news, for those who'd describe themselves as fans of tantric bonuses: it'll be a while before you see it all.

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