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Casting The Crisis


As previously mentioned, HBO has purchased the rights to Andrew Ross Sorkin's Too Big To Fail. John Mack has stated that his part should go to Bobby DeNiro and that of Lloyd Blankfein to Danny DeVito. Today the HuffPo has offered its picks for the other spots and while we're in strong agreement with some (Stephen Colbert as carpet-lover John Thain, Lucille Bluth doing Nancy Pelosi), in others we beg to differ (there should be an open casting call for child actors to play Tim Geithner). Also, they don't have any suggestions for Vikram Pandit or Jimmy Cayne. The former is a toughie, the latter Gary Busey, no questions asked (he's got the blonde hair, huge teeth, love of drugs and looks good in a pair of Zubaz). And finally, no one's figured out where we can find a place for Drew Carey, who's apparently been lobbying hard for a role, as has Gary Coleman. Let's do the producers a solid and take two today to finish this thing off right. You're not doing anything anyway