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Charlie Gasparino: Dick Fuld Acted Like A Total Puss During The Lehman Brothers Inquiry

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As it's been previously mentioned, Dick Fuld has been sleeping like a baby since the examiner's report on Lehman came out. Though some would suggest the report's findings indicate Fuld is a criminal, the ex-CEO believes it painted him in a phenomenal light. Reading the final draft also put Dick in a great mood because it took a huge weight off his shoulders. This is going to seem crazy, but apparently he was actually a bit nervous about what the thing would say about him! To the extent he could barely enjoy himself! Not even picking out the perfect outfit soothed him; my god, he could barely match shirt and tie without collapsing on the closet floor. Basically, The Gorilla was an absolute ball of nerves and you if you want Charlie Gasparino's opinion? Kind of acted like a big puss during the ordeal. Sayeth Chaz:

According to people who know how the former Lehman CEO behaved during the inquiry, he often appeared “hyper” and “highly agitated,” and “barely stood still” during the questioning. One person with knowledge of Fuld’s behavior said that at times “he broke down” when asked about Lehman’s demise, and at others exhibited a tremendous amount of “nervous energy.”

It's honestly a good thing CG wasn't around to witness this display first hand, as it would've sickened him. Ridiculous. Gaspo didn't say this in his report, because he works for a family network, but it would not surprise him to hear that Fuld pissed his shorts in fear on a daily basis and furthermore, that those shorts were "frilly lace panties" (Chaz's words, not mine). But if he had been there? You can bet he'd be having none of this, and would've had no problem telling Dick as much, while sharing a little piece of advice. Little something like this.


Dick Fuld Needs Your Help

Sleep where the former Lehman Brother CEO hath slept, while he was keeping a low profile post-bank collapse/plotting his comeback.