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Charlie Gasparino Isn't Interested In Speaking With Hank Paulson, Or Anyone Else For That Matter, Off The Record

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The University of Missouri journalism school held a talk at the Harvard Club last night, featuring bird watcher Hank Paulson. The invite specified that the event was off the record, which didn't sit well with Missouri alum Charlie Gasparino. Chaz doesn't do off the record, which is why he see your OTR and raises you a "stugatz," which is something his mother, may she rest in peace, used to say. And you know what? Just for daring to even think that Gaspo would attend your talk without even the possibility of getting a story out of it, what he's going to do, is he's going to do, is he's going to wait for your car to pull up, and get in your face, and ask you questions anyway, with a camera rolling. If you want to blow him off, fine, but just know it's going to come back to ten-fold (CG's stugatz where the sun don't shine).