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Citi Employee Sues Bank For "Mommy-Track" Treatment, Co-Workers' Attempts To Money Off Her Pregnancy

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Last week, former Goldman Sachs employee Charlotte Hannah sued the bank for treating her "like a second-class citizen" due to the fact that growing life inside her body had taken precedence over making it rain. She probably doesn't have much of a case, as Goldman has always been very upfront about the fact that unless they're actively helping front-run clients, fetuses are not welcome in the building. ButDorly Hazan-Amir, an associate in Citigroup's asset finance division and fellow mommy, may actually have a shot. She's suing Citi on the grounds that "supervisors have discriminated against her because of here gender since the beginning of her tenure" and that when she became pregnant, "the attitude of her bosses reportedly worsened," with one manager asking H-A if she planned to be a "career mom" or a "mom mom." Oh, and this:

"My pregnancy became the butt of jokes in the office as my male co-workers discussed setting up a pool to discuss how much weight I would gain as a result of my pregnancy," she said.

On the one hand, bad. Very bad, Citi employees. On the other, pretty good? Especially considering the idea came from the Big C Brain Trust? And one Hannah's former colleagues are likely miffed they didn't come up with themselves, when they had the chance?