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Citigroup Couple Gets Married At Apple Store, Thanks Steve Jobs, Snubs Vikram

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We missed this a few weeks ago but since their colleagues begged for a post-as-wedding-gift, here ya go. Lovebirds Josh and Ting Li exchanged vows on Valentine's Day at Apple's flagship Fifth Avenue store. Ting came up with the idea to have the ceremony (and include the phrase "I love you more than [an iPhone]" in her vows) because her man first worked up the courage to strike up a conversation with her when he heard she was looking to by an iPod, and from there their love of "everything Apple bloomed." So, kind of cute, if you're into shit that inspires tears and hurt feelings in Vikram Pandit. 'Cause you know what these two failed to mention? That their loved blossomed at Citi, where they worked together for two years (and where Josh still works as a VP in the Equity Capital Markets Group). Fuckers should've wed in the space allocated for the Zen Garden. Alwaleed or Parsons would've gotten ordained. But, whatever! Best wishes and all that.