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Comp Cop To Take A Serious Look At Bailed Out Bank Bonuses He Can't Do Anything About

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Actually, that' s not entirely fair. Kenneth Feinberg can *try* to renegotiate payments he characterizes as not good for the people. But when it comes down to it? Yeah he can't do shit. Which is why we suggest K.Fein perform his "look back" while enjoying an herbal refreshment in Jimmy Cayne's new executive suite (tricked out basement).

Kenneth Feinberg, the Treasury Department's special master for compensation, will send a letter Tuesday to 419 firms that received TARP funds seeking data on compensation paid to the top 25 executives. The pay review will cover a relatively short period but will capture the 2008 end-of-year bonus season at most large firms.

Mr. Feinberg can't claw back any pay but can seek to renegotiate any payments he deems "not in the public interest." He is required to perform the so-called "look back" under the legal statute that created the pay czar.


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