Confidential To Maria Bartiromo: Tim Geithner Doesn't Need Your Pity!


He may be the Andrew Tong to Wall Street/Washington/the neighborhood kids' Ping Jiang (by which I mean people choke him out, and he doesn't say anything), but damn it, if his time with the ladies has taught Tim Geithner anything it's that he is a strong, proud woman whose self-worth will not be diminished by your bitchiness and faux-sincerity.

[CNBC] a notorious cheerleader for the stock market, seemed a cinch to celebrate any Dow milestone. So Bartiromo’s sharp interrogation was jolting. She laced Geithner with questions about whether the Obama administration was “anti-business,” plotting to raise taxes and bullying banks to cut dividend payments, and she even suggested he might be engaging in “class warfare” against the rich. Bartiromo didn’t outright call Geithner an agent of Obama’s socialist agenda, but that was the spirit of the affair. Geithner held firm to the issue of growth, and persevered. Bad as it looked, this was a mere dusting: he’d endured worse. When the cameras stopped rolling, the pair stood up and briskly shook hands, and Geithner headed for the door. Then, suddenly, Bartiromo spun around and called out after him, in a tone that expressed something between self-justification and apology, “I know you have an impossible job!”

Tim Geithner: Inside Man [The Atlantic]