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Despite Trump's Claims To The Contrary, Carl Icahn Has DEFINITIVE PROOF He And The Don Are Not Good Friends

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The Times had a long profile of Carl Icahn over the weekend, wondering if the activist investor still has a fight in him, his likes and dislikes (being referred to as "raider," for one), his early years in the biz ("When he turned 15, he played his own version of the ice futures market as a cabana boy at a beach club, ordering extra ice on hot mornings to sell to visitors who would run out later in the day") and whether he has any plans to retire (“What else am I going to do?” Mr. Icahn asks. “Play shuffleboard?”). The article also discusses Icahn's public feud with Donald Trump over three Atlantic City casinos bearing the Don's name, which Carl was trying to gain control of. Here's what Donald had to say about the matter:

“He told me he was doing it because he heard I wasn’t involved, but he knew I was involved, that I had a deal with bondholders,” Mr. Trump said. “I was very surprised and also very disappointed that Carl got involved,” Mr. Trump added. He said the two had been friends for years and that Mr. Icahn had sought his advice when he was divorcing his first wife. Mr. Trump said the two had not spoken since the call.

And here's Ichan's side the story:

“I should be the one that is surprised he is upset,” Mr. Icahn said. “I might possibly feel bad had I interfered at a time when he was running the business,” but that’s not the case, he added.

But the way more important thing that Uncle Carl wants to clarify? These two are in no way close friends, even using the loosest definition of the term. You wanna know how Carl knows this? Take a look at this picture:

Know what that is? That's Donald's daughter Ivanka's wedding. Looks like a nice time, doesn't it? Red Dress's date certainly seems to be enjoying himself. You know who didn't take part in this joyous occasion? Who has never even offered the opportunity to take the new Mrs. Jared Kushner for a spin around the floor? Or RSVP, "I'll have the chicken"?

“Additionally I find it odd that he’s now claiming to be my good friend,” Mr. Icahn said. “I was not surprised when I was not invited to his daughter’s wedding precisely because we are not good friends.”

What do you have to say about that, Donny Boy? Or about the matter of your boy not even scoring an invite to the pity party?

Does Carl Ichan Still Make Them Tremble? [NYT]


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