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Devestating News Of The Day: Greenwich, CT Is Down One Zamboni

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When I think of a certain someone in someone in Stamford, a lot of things comes to mind. Fleece. Preserved fish. Magic. But the very first thing I think of is a Zamboni machine. Him riding it. His star traders being invited for a congratulatory spin around the floor when they've had particularly good months. His underlings cleaning it with a tooth brush in an effort to prove themselves. And so on and so forth. So it's with an extremely heavy heart that report the Zamboni? The Z? The Z-meister? Is no longer.

The ice smoother that has been that brought so many smiles to the faces of so many SAC employees has been donated to a school with a rink that was in need of its own machine. So I guess the kids will enjoy it, and it was generous of its former owners, but I'm not strong enough to feel okay about this just yet. And here's the 1-2 punch: the rink out back? Is being dismantled. I pray in its place will be a giant trampoline, but I'm assuming it's just going to be grass. Stupid, un-skateable grass. The only thing getting me through all this is the hope that at some point this week, there was a Zamboni close to all of our hearts being driven down Greenwich Avenue. A moment of silence, please.

Update: As some of you have pointed out, a water park would help me get over this pretty quickly.