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Dick Bové Does Not Support Andrew Cuomo's Theoretical Run For Governor, Because He Believes The Attorney General To Be An Idiot

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According to the Rochdale analyst, as Attorney General, one of Andy-boy's goals has very clearly been to suck the financial industry's workers dry, which is why she, Dick Bové, recommends Florida over New York, if you can bear the humidity. And for those of you saying Cuomo would change his ways once elected, Dick says wake up! Cuomo couldn't do right by Wall Street even if he wanted to, because he's too stupid.

"His lack of financial acumen may prevent him from doing the right things even if he wants to," Bové said. "You just dont want someone with that type of lack of understanding of the financial system running a state as important as New York."

Bové doesn't have any ideas for who should be be governor, as he's not an expert in political matters. But okay, fine, if he had to pick: Ken Lewis. Only because you twisted his arm.


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When regular old bank analysts switch firms, people don't tend to make a big deal about it. Gardening leave is taken, contracts are signed, key cards are distributed, new business cards are printed. Sometimes you'll get an email address with updated contact information. That's usually it. Dick Bové, as you all know, however, is no regular bank analyst. Which is following his departure from Rochdale Securities, potential employers didn't interview him, he interviewed them, why his son/spokesman, Joe Bové sent out a press release announcing the final countdown to Bové Day, and why, when that blessed day arrived, it was celebrated with a three-course banquet and a little something called the Dick Bové Banking Manifesto.