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Eliot Spitzer On Why He Picked Prosties

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A new book about everyone's favorite hooker fucker comes out next week. It was written by a former senior adviser of Eliot Spitzer, Lloyd Constantine, and apparently the former governor is none too pleased, describing the tome as "a fundamental breach of trust...little more than a self-serving and largely inaccurate interpretation of events mixed with unfounded speculation." Spitzer doesn't say specifically what Constantine got wrong, leaving us to speculate.

*Maybe it was the suggestion that Ness started banging hookers because he couldn't play tennis anymore: "Mr. Constantine offers one diagnosis for Mr. Spitzer’s tempestuous behavior that perhaps only a wealthy Manhattanite could suggest: acute lack of tennis. Mr. Spitzer dropped his weekly game with Mr. Constantine in 2006, worried that a tender hamstring would cause him to hobble on the campaign trail. That 'deprived Eliot of an important physical release,' Mr. Constantine writes."

*Or that Spitz was crying over the phone when he admitted to paying for puss, when in reality, he could've just had a tickle in his throat: "The book’s emotional capstone is the agonizing final days of the Spitzer governorship. There is a disconsolate Mr. Spitzer weeping into the phone the night of March 9, after telling Mr. Constantine that he was about to be exposed."

*Or that the steamroller was going to kill himself: "There are Mr. Constantine’s unfounded fears that suicidal tendencies might overtake the governor."

*Perhaps it was the suggestion that the fucker of hookers would deign to do something as pedestrian as pulling a Tiger: "And there were the desperate 11th-hour discussions about how Mr. Spitzer could hang on, including Mr. Constantine’s pitch that Mr. Spitzer should take a month off and go to a sexual rehabilitation clinic in Arizona."

Whatever it is, Ness says the book got stuff wrong, and we believe him. That's why, moving forward, whenever the mood strikes us to hear more about why ES fucks with his black socks on, we're going to go straight to the source. Luckily, the Luv Guv has been chatting it up about the doing of prostitutes a lot lately, so we needn't look far.

Eliot Spitzer says buying sex from hookers was less of a "violation" of his marriage than a love affair with an "emotional component" would have been.

Spitzer made the remark in a recent Time magazine interview for a piece that doesn't delve into the current crisis roiling Albany.

Asked why not just have an affair, instead of going to hookers, Spitzer said, "I know this is parsing it very thin, but the emotional component would have in some ways been a worse violation."

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