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Erin Callan Putting Her Flexibility To Good Use Out East

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A few weeks ago, it was reported that Erin Callan had officially retired from Wall Street, which was something of a formality, as she'd left her post-Lehman gig at Credit Suisse over a year ago, and we'd heard nary a peep from her since. What was she up to? We had no idea! Was she ensconced in her Upper East side pad, watching trashy daytime TV? Was she out in Greenwich, keying Dick Fuld's Benz? Was she stepping out of black cars, momentarily pausing for a camera that was no longer there? Had she let herself go? No one knew. Until now. Fortune did a little investigative reporting and it turns out things are going pretty swimmingly for EC. Before we get into what's been a' poppin' for the former Lehman CFO, though, let's take two to go back. Way back.

Even as a child, Callan was not only talented but also disciplined and self-motivated. Midge Stack-Lennon, who was Callan's high school gymnastics coach, remembers her as "this adorable, teeny little thing with the strength of a man." Football players used to troop into the gym to watch Erin practice, and she was happy to perform for them. "She would get up on the bars with hands that were ripped and go through her routine," Stack-Lennon says. "Her hands would be bleeding. She would think nothing of it."

So, just file that image away for now while we talk life, post-Dick. First off, Erin's been living in East Hampton, at the house she bought for $3.9 million in 2005. She's been seeing firefighter Anthony Montella, who she met in high school at St. Francis Prep. People say the two "seem to be in love," and that Callan "looks better than ever," likely a product of 1) getting laid on the reg and 2) the fact that she's been working on her ass, an effort that has not gone unappreciated,

These days Callan tests her mettle on a much smaller stage. She is now a regular at Ride the Zone, an East Hampton spinning studio. Owner Marion Roman, who is also an instructor there, says that Callan opts for the more intense classes, like Cyko Zone and Kick Ass Zone. "She's always the best student in the class," Roman says. "Her form is perfect. She looks so great on the bike. She always has a smile on her face." When Callan is there, Roman adds, "we always give Erin a shout-out. She inspires other women to do their best and work harder." That sounds right. Erin Callan always did want to be No. 1.


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