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Have You Been Sexually Harassed Lately?

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Apparently the answer is yes. Whether or not your boss doing things to you with whiteboard markers is a new occurrence or you were just scared to come forward and the financial crisis for some reason gave you the courage is unclear.

Since the start of the recession, a growing number of sexual harassment complaints have come from men. Some 16.4% of all sexual harassment claims—or 2,094 claims—were filed by men in fiscal 2009, up from 15.4%, or 1,869 claims, in fiscal 2006, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Does everyone go with the golden shower/choking you out/nicknaming you "stupid girl" model? Not really. That's pretty much reserved for the pros. Most of you are getting you simply having your taints grazed while messing around on the desk (I'm not saying that makes it okay or trying to minimize it but I am saying: amatuer hour. Miss).

While male victims sometimes experience behavior like groping and unwanted sexual advances, employment lawyers say increasingly "locker room" type behavior like vulgar talk and horseplay with sexual connotations have been the subject of claims.

Recession Spurs Sexual Harassment Claims By Men
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HSBC Officially Fires VP Who Reported Boss's (Alleged!) Sexual Harassment Of Female Underling

Add it to the now lengthy number of claims Michael Picarella can make against the bank.