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Is This Erin Callan's Hunk Of Man Meat?

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Earlier today we brought you up to speed on Erin Callan's life post-Lehman Brothers, which, as it turns out, is pretty sweet, as is her ass. She's living in her $3.5 million home in the Hamptons, friends report she's looking "better than ever," she's the best student in her spinning class, and she's in love with a firefighter she's known since high school. And not some shlub she'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with but maybe the seriously hot piece of A seen at left, who has the same name as the guy identified by Fortune as EC's man (Anthony Montella).
Also: the firefighter gear, he looks about the right age (mid-40's), and a Facebook investigation by commenter analyst reveals he has some friends with the last name Callan (possibly her cousins or sisters). The other reason I believe this is our guy is because I want it to be so. Erin, if we're getting warmer, send us a sign. And bravo.


Erin Callan Is Perfectly Happy, Damnit

The former Lehman CFO is mystified that her recent New York Times column would make people think she was unhappy.

Sleep Where Erin Callan Hath Slept

If Joe Gregory's Lloyd Harbor manse isn't your style, or the $22 million asking price seems excessive for a place with only 8.5 baths, take a moment to consider the former Lehman Brothers CFO's East Hamptons pad. Callan is asking $3.95 million for the place, where she holed up following the financial crisis and where love blossomed with firefighter Anthony Montella, who she married last January. For you're money you'll get 7 bedrooms, 4.5 baths, 5,000 square feet, 2 acres, a heated gunite pool, a barn, garden vineyards, "majestic trees," and a little piece of history. Make her an offer Former Lehman CFO Lists East Hampton Home...Again [Curbed via Dealbook]