Is This Erin Callan's Hunk Of Man Meat?

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Earlier today we brought you up to speed on Erin Callan's life post-Lehman Brothers, which, as it turns out, is pretty sweet, as is her ass. She's living in her $3.5 million home in the Hamptons, friends report she's looking "better than ever," she's the best student in her spinning class, and she's in love with a firefighter she's known since high school. And not some shlub she'd be embarrassed to be seen in public with but maybe the seriously hot piece of A seen at left, who has the same name as the guy identified by Fortune as EC's man (Anthony Montella).
Also: the firefighter gear, he looks about the right age (mid-40's), and a Facebook investigation by commenter analyst reveals he has some friends with the last name Callan (possibly her cousins or sisters). The other reason I believe this is our guy is because I want it to be so. Erin, if we're getting warmer, send us a sign. And bravo.