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Lenny Dykstra Is Ready To Prove Himself To Society

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So, Lenny Dykstra has asked a judge to dismiss his bankruptcy case. Why? Nails has a reason.

“Bottom line, you don’t belong in bankruptcy when you have $100 million in assets,” Dykstra said Tuesday in a telephone interview.

Oh, okay $100 million in assets, that makes sense. LD has another good reason for his request, which is that he'd like to "once again claim his role as a productive member of society," emphasis ours. He's made a lot of strides in that direction, namely with the founding of a new firm, Nails Investments, but he really wants this scarlet 'b' taken off his chest. To that end, if the judge will do this for him, LD has promised to give up shitting on the floor and ripping bathroom fixtures out of people's houses. And the crack. He'll give up the crack, you can take that away right now. No wait, not, he's not ready for that. Shoot is it too late? [Bites fist, pulls hair, wonders WHAT HAVE I DONE?]