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Lenny Dykstra Sues JPMorgan

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Those of you who've been keeping up with Nails' Travails are well aware of the fact that his current financial situation? Is not fault of his own. There is someone to blame however, and that someone, LD has said many times, is JPMorgan. It is JPMorgan née Washington Mutual who caused Lenny to lose millions due to "predatory lending" and it is JPMorgan who should be losing sleep at night over the fact that Nails lives in the back of a Chevelle and can no longer afford to fly private. And if you thought he was kidding, think again.

Dykstra filed his complaint today in Manhattan federal court, claiming he lost $100 million when he was forced to sell promissory notes he owned because the bank didn’t go through with a promised refinancing. He accuses the New York-based bank of engaging in predatory lending.

The bank “created a scenario” in which it “issued a loan designed to fail and in which” the bank “now stands to profit by acquiring the property [Wayne Gretzky's old house] through plaintiff’s default, rather than by receiving payment on the loan,” according to the complaint.