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Let It Be Known, The CFA Will Not Have Its Name Tainted By Images Of Taints

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For those of you currently debating whether or not obtaining a CFA charter is worth flushing several years of your life down the toilet, I'd like you to consider one thing. When and if you finally do pass that third exam do you want the institute to own your ass? Budding pornographers, erotic novelists and really anyone with a taste for the finer things in life should think long and hard. Nickolas Keith Gustafsson (pictured) knows what we're talking about. From the March/April CFA Magazine/Journal of Shame:

Since I'm always working for you, and realize that there are a sizable handful among us wondering right this second what they should be scrubbing from their own websites, I decided to check out NKG's den of sin. Unfortunately it looks like he's already pulled down all the images in question, which doesn't help us. He did, however, save a list of his "Reality Thrillers" (GlamourSex, NoLimit, ANИA, InternetWar, PointRouge, NewYuppie!, Strong Attachment with Sexual Attraction, disruption @ 3G, LawMaker, PeaceMaker, euro @ RISK) and this bio:

Keith Nicklas Gustafsson MSc, CFA has a broad, international experience with an MSc in Industrial Engineering & Management as the base with a specialization in Industrial business-to-business marking from Chalmers University of Technology with part of the studies at University of California at Berkeley. He holds the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and he has been active in industry and finance around the world. Past assignments include JDSU Photonic Power Systems in Palo Alto, Cellulose Marketing International in Westport, Ericsson and PricewaterhouseCoopers in Stockholm, Banc Boston Robertson Stephens and Mitsubishi Trust in London as well as Fortis Investments in Brussels/Paris. His experience ranges from global strategic marketing, industry analysis, strategic intellectual property management for 3G, industrial investment management, technology investment research and venture capital financed entrepreneurship, which has formed the basis for his Intellectual Capital. He has received support from celebrities all around the world to create the Reality Thrillers, ranging all the way from Madonna, Sharon Stone, Traci Lords, Britney Spears, The Sisters of Mercy, KISS, Depeche Mode, Nickelback, Kate Moss, Kim Wilde, Kate Bush to Condolezza Rice and Fist Lady Michelle Obama. Keith Nicklas Gusafsson has lived in Slottsbron, Göteborg, Stockholm, Palo Alto, Freiburg, Westport, Berkeley, Paris, Nice and Berlin as well as been a frequent visitor to Brussels. He has attended the World Economic Forum in Davos and is registered as an "important person" with the Prime Minister of Japan.