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Maria Bartiromo Needs A New Nickname

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Just a little FYI for those of you not in the know re: Maria Bartiromo's likes and dislikes: the CNBC anchor does not like the Money Honey moniker. Why? Because she's a serious business journalist and it demeans her work.

She sucked it up and went along all these years because shaking it off seemed hopeless and while she had some better ideas of her own, even Bartiromo knows the first rule of nicknames is that you don't dub yourself anything, you have to be dubbed. She also realized selling products with 'Money Honey' and her face splayed across the side could make her some sweet cash, which is why in 2007 she filed to trademark the name on a bunch of stuff that included jigsaw puzzles, toy cash registers and action figures. Now that she's signed a new 7-figure per year, multi-deal contract, the artist formerly known as the $Honey has decided not only does she not like the name, she doesn't need it for cash either, and has abandoned the rights. Let Erin tart it up with 'Street Sweetie.' Bartiromo's doing real work here. To that end, she needs a new name. One that reflects her her body of work and gives her the respect she deserves. Suggestions welcome starting now.