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Mark And Andy Madoff Would Like To Remind You Of A Couple Somethings

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The first thing is please don't forget to sign up for Mark's daily newsletter. The second, which you'd think would be abundantly clear but apparently not: these guys are victims! Yeah, they were Bernie's second and third in command at Ponzi Nation but victims! Victims "of their father's terrible crimes." Victims of his scam. Victims of the DNA he passed on their way. VIC-TIMS. Victims. Owing to their victim status, the boys have submitted a filing with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, requesting that all complaints against them be dropped.

"Long on rhetoric, but short on legal or factual support, this is a case that as a matter of fairness never should have been brought, and as a matter of law should be dismissed," the sons said in the filing.

In related news, Peter Madoff, bro of Berns, wants to tell you something too, via his lawyer.

Peter Madoff's attorney, Charles Spada, said his client is "devastated" by the scandal. "Peter Madoff is not Bernard Madoff," Spada writes, noting that the arrest of Bernard Madoff "abruptly terminated Peter Madoff's successful career," leaving him "mired in litigation."

"The Trustee's Complaint is a sensationalistic attempt to lump together members of the Madoff family and create liability by association," the statement continued.