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New Hedge Fund Taking Page From Jesus's Playabook

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It's JC Day on Dealbreaker, so here's a hedge fund, inspired by Christ. Charging 2 and 20, $500,000 minimum. Get in at the ground floor:

C3:23 Capital debuted in January with $2 million. The long/short equity fund was founded by Trevor Chase Brown, an Atlanta investor who told that he’s been managing his own money for 10 years. Brown also claims a four-year audited track record. Brown said the fund is sector-agnostic, with one exception: The newly-minted hedgie said he tends to avoid technology names. The fund, which is “100% long 90% of the time,” according to Brown, is named for Colossians 3:23, which reads, “Work at everything you do with all your heart.”

Divine New Atlanta Hedge Fund Launches [FINalternatives via BI]