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Ping Jiang: "I Left SAC Capital On Good Terms"

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Oh didja now big boy? So you're saying you were happy to leave after they fired you in February 2008, for failing to make it rain like you used to? You didn't shout "sexist pigs!" as you were escorted from the building? You didn't even think it? While you marinade on that, let me just say this: it doesn't matter. What matters is that the Maestro of the Whiteboard Marker is speaking. Finally, we can point a voice to the phrase "you're going to have to give me a blow job if you want to make that trade." While this clip doesn't touch on Mr. J's "trading philosophy" but as it seems like he's actively getting out there and making the rounds in an effort to promote his new fund and raise a little capital, a gripping first person account can't be too far behind. (Perhaps as part of some sort of Sex and the City-like bus tour, for those ponying up 100 million or more? Just a suggestion.) Also, while the interviewer seemingly avoids bringing up the issue we'd all like to discuss, please note the placement of the marker just over PJ's shoulder. That was no accident. Well-played, ladies.


Has Steve Cohen Started Wearing A Ping Jiang Mask While Walking The SAC Trading Floor, White Board Marker In Hand?

Unclear but, based on recent reports, very possible. If you can come up with another idea re: how the "intimidating Cohen has become even more intimidating" in the wake of MartomaGate, we're all ears.