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Prince Alwaleed's Got His Fingers Crossed 2010 Will Be A Profitable Year At Citi

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Back in January, Prince Alwaleed informed Vikram Pandit that after "two years of leeway from shareholders," 2010 is the year the Citi CEO must deliver. To that end, from here on out, the Prince said, Uncle Vik's ass will ridden like Zorro, no if/ands/or buts about it. Alwaleed doesn't typically enjoy getting so harsh on his li'l fella, but the tone was necessary. And so far, he's pretty pretty pretty pleased with how things are going.

"I think Citi is on the right track and the improvement is already reflected in the share price," Alwaleed told reporters today..."The good days of Citi are yet to come, they are coming," Alwaleed said. Asked whether 2010 would be a profitable year for the bank, he said: "I should hope so, yes."

Saudi Alwaleed says happy with Citigroup stake [Reuters]


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