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Raj Rajaratnam And Danielle Chiesi Request To Go It Alone

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Lawyers for everyone's favorite practical jokester, Raj Rajaratnam, and his beauty queen gal-pal, Danielle Chiesi, have requested separate trials for their clients, on the grounds that "allegations of seven distinct conspiracies to commit securities fraud failed to show they could be connected at trial." The argument they made in request for severance of the other trial, this one brought by the SEC, was that jurors would be "confused as to which evidence pertained to which conspiracy count and, in turn, which defendant." It should be noted that none of this changes how Chiesi feels about Raja (in February she said that she considers him a good friend and that it is “an honor and a privilege” to stand next to him in court) or her predictions re: potential time in the big house (“There is not even a chance we will do one day in jail,” Chiesi said). In other news, this is apparently how DC's looking these days.