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Robert Benmosche Has His Reasons For Not Working Out Of AIG's Corporate Headquarters

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Today the Journal has a story examining the effects of absentee CEOs, particularly those running some of our nation's shittiest bailed out companies. Though there is the argument that these firms will never learn to stand on their own feet unless we stop coddling them, some feel the absence of daddy chief execs hurts employee morale, and so on and so forth. What does AIG commander-in-chief Robert Benmosche have to say about that? Shove it up your ass. As previously stated by Bobby himself, he can do just as good a job remotely in Croatia, where he has grapes to tend to and the finest bathrooms money can buy to take advantage of as he can in lower Manhattan. Also? He'll be damned if he's gonna fork over extra money to the government when Ken Feinberg is already raping his employees blind.

If Mr. Benmosche is physically present in New York for more than 183 days during a year, his world-wide income would be subject to New York taxes. Mr. Benmosche has the highest pay package—valued at up to $10.5 million annually—among bailed-out U.S. companies that fall under the jurisdiction of the U.S. pay czar...The 65-year-old remains a resident of Florida, a state that doesn't impose personal income tax, and he has no intention of changing his residency, according to a person familiar with his thinking.

You don't like that? He's got a teabag with your name on it.


Pour One Out For Robert Benmosche Tonight

The former AIG chief/winemaker is no longer with us.