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Sandy Weill Says Start Demanding A Little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

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You know, it's really not that easy being Sandy Weill. Most if not all the institutions at which he spent significant time in his life at get zero respect, and even those on the inside have no pride (in fact they're downright embarrassed to tell their friends and family where they are all day). Call it the Curse of the Weill Taint, if you will. Anyway, the big guy has more or less given up on doing anything about company morale at the Citi (previously he'd planned some sort of pep rally that involved him, Vikram, a whole lot of face paint, plus a Chuck Prince-shaped piñata, but that plan went to hell the day he found out he's not allowed within 200 feet of the building). And so, he's set his sights elsewhere.

About 150 current and former students gathered at the Cornell Club on 44th Street in New York to watch the Big Red attempt to become the first Ivy League team in 31 years to reach the final eight in the NCAA tournament. Kentucky advanced to a meeting with West Virginia with a 62-45 win. Cornell graduates include former U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno; Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, and Sanford Weill, the 77-year-old former chairman at Citigroup Inc., who yesterday said in a telephone interview that the NCAA tournament run was a “wake-up call for pride in our institution.”

Big Red Loss to Kentucky Ends Party at Manhattan’s Cornell Club [Bloomberg]


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