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Steve Liesman Will Not Grin And Bear Rick Santelli's Ignorance

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Favorite moments:

* Santelli, laughing of camera while Liesman is talking: "Oh, haha, oh god!"

* Kernan: "Oh come on Steve, don't get that look on your face."

* Liesman: "Joe, there's a point in time when ignorance goes from being amusing to being dangerous and I think we crossed that point a long time ago."

* Santelli: "You know what Steve? Grow up. Grow UP"

* Liesman: "Rick you've lost enough people enough money."

* Santelli: "Let's put it to a referendum!! Let's ask on our website right now! Who lost you more money, Santelli or Liesman?!"

* Santelli: "What does our guest do for a living? Our guest who's talking. What does he do. I can't see him."