Steve Liesman Will Not Grin And Bear Rick Santelli's Ignorance

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Favorite moments:

* Santelli, laughing of camera while Liesman is talking: "Oh, haha, oh god!"

* Kernan: "Oh come on Steve, don't get that look on your face."

* Liesman: "Joe, there's a point in time when ignorance goes from being amusing to being dangerous and I think we crossed that point a long time ago."

* Santelli: "You know what Steve? Grow up. Grow UP"

* Liesman: "Rick you've lost enough people enough money."

* Santelli: "Let's put it to a referendum!! Let's ask on our website right now! Who lost you more money, Santelli or Liesman?!"

* Santelli: "What does our guest do for a living? Our guest who's talking. What does he do. I can't see him."


Bankers And Traders "Legitimately" Expensing Strip Clubs Do Rick's Cabaret A Solid

When the financial crisis hit, financial services employees could have easily decided that patronizing strip clubs, alone or with clients, was an expense that had to go. Spent a few more hours on YouPorn and, when there were particularly substantial fees at stake, offered an enthusiastic hand job in the back of the cab after dinner. But guess what? Wall Street didn't stop hitting up strip clubs and, on the contrary, redoubled its support. So much so that one gentlemen's club in particular would like to express its appreciation. A little thank you, for  always being there to shove 20's in g-strings. Allan Priaulx, corporate communications officer for Rick's Cabaret International, a chain of adult entertainment lounges, says interest from bankers and traders remains high and business from the financial services industry is strong. The New York location of Rick's on West 33rd street has seen "sequential gains" month over month since the financial crisis, he said. "We have a really solid base of Wall Street customers," he added. "Most of them pay on their personal credit cards, unless it's a legitimate company expense and then they use their corporate cards." Total sales for existing clubs were up 5% from last year, according to company filings. Wall Street's Cleaner Image Pauses for a Fresh Scandal [WSJ]