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The Perks Of Being A Blankfein Child Working At Goldman Are Not Necessarily Reflected In One's Paycheck?

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It's already been widely reported that Lloyd Blankfein's son Jonathan will join the the other vampires at Goldman Sachs this summer, after he graduates from Harvard. LB's older son Alexander (Harvard '08) already works there, having made it through the a very rigorous interview process that lasted 57 rounds until everyone was sure this kid had what it takes. How much did Alex make last year? According to Goldman's recent filing with the SEC, $155,000. Which...isn't really that much? Or at least not enough to claim nepotism? Unless of course the other first years in "cross asset sales" took home much less, in which case, do it. GET ANGRY. Otherwise this doesn't really seem like a perk, so much as pretty standard pay at GS. Having Lucas vP maintaining your Facebook page, that's a perk. Viniar securing your dinner reservations: perk. Gary Cohn teaching you how to play airplane in the C-suite and personally rotating your golden scrot, this is a perk (kidding, he does this for everyone). $155,000? Eh?