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Who Actually Ruined Jon Corzine's Dinner--Charlie Gasparino, Or His Bodybuilding Childhood Friend?

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The Postwrites today that Jon Corzine's dinner at Elio's the other night was ruined by the presence of Charlie Gasparino. Supposedly, because of an appearance on CNBC a few years ago in which Chaz "sandbagged" the then governor of New Jersey over raising taxes, JSC is absolutely terrified of CG. Apparently the mere mention of Gasparino's name, and the no-holds barred journalism that comes along with it, sends shivers up Corzine's spine and being in the same room as the take no prisoners reporter results in the new MF Global chief doing some serious quaking in his boots.

At least that's the explanation given for why JSC "shook hands awkwardly" with Gaspo and "left without saying a word." Obviously it had nothing to do with the fact that one of Gasparino's dining companions that night, in addition to the extremely intimidating Mary Thompson, was CG's childhood friend, bodybuilder Gregg Valentino (pictured). The reason I know this, is that JSC is a huge fan of GV, and was one of the first in line to buy a copy of his memoir, Death, Drugs and Muscle. So the awkwardness definitely nothing to do with Valentino. It was all CG. People fear him.