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Who Wants To Earn An Easy Twenty Bucks?

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Wanted - People to Pee on Goldman Sachs - $20 (Financial District)
Date: 2010-03-12, 12:33PM EST
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I'm looking for any individuals who will urinate, or spit on the Goldman Sachs building, or any of it's employees. You must tape the action and upload it to Youtube. Reference this add at the beginning of the video. Once I have seen the video, I will pay you via paypal. I am serious, and this is legit. Here's the price breakdown:

Spit on building - $1
Pee on building - $5
Spit on employee $10
Pee on employee $20


Goldman Sachs Wants To Be Your Friend

And to show how serious it is about being your friend, here, have a macrame bracelet.